January 20, 2017

im sorry i didnt kiss you

my poison breath

contaminated tongue

slithering through neglected

avenues of your psyche

"so inappropriate!" you said

as you smiled, sending

rainbows through

toxic gas exhalations

from my cigarette coffin

im sorry i didnt kiss you

and tell you sooner

i wa...

March 20, 2014

no tanks but popped pills and

angsty stretched youth fill the

streets of our so safe suburbia

what is there left to bear witness

to but the back of eyelids and

a muted television screen as

a meal is microwaved for dinner

how fortunate we are for this

curse of cushioned living...

March 6, 2014

(inspired by Adrienne Rich)

the water was so clear

we could see our toes

dig into the white sand

four feet beneath our noses.

we were alive then

two mermen without fear

there was no burden then

no open sore or sore back

no crumbling perspective

to pin understanding to.

we were sw...

October 6, 2013

are you a lover of the light?

search inside you now,

let yourself be scorched

by that forgotten flame

-it takes nothing but forgetting

to remember from whence you came-

inside us all lies the altar

always waiting to be lit,

fate's fire grows ever higher

the closer we adhere to...

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i wonder if you remember me

April 11, 2014

i wonder if you re-
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you felt it too.
   your eyes shot long-
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