June 6, 2016

there will be a time in your life

when the storm will pass and

the seas will settle and

you will be alone

with this moment

all the troubles of the past

the anxieties of the future

will melt like a snowcone

on the sidewalk of your youth

and you will look up into

the image of what...

May 22, 2016

i exhale and drop the cigarette

down into the river quick

where its death sounds like

a trodden leaf and i listen,

the water soothing and soft

flowing beneath the bridge

i find myself leaning on

through the darkness, reflections

ripple upon the surface of the water,


April 6, 2015

i am a soul that spreads
along the floor and up the walls
into the crevice between cupboards
i hide and shine brightly waiting
for someone to notice my brilliance
like a shooting star forgotten
i am a rebel and a monk
the preacher and the sinner
living for the moment h...

February 8, 2014

And so when the lights have dimmed

and no one is left to recharge the battery

how shall the tomb of this era be marked?

Not in blood but in Photoshop font

         dug on the altar of the keyboard,

  with carpal tunnel and hunched backs,


December 7, 2013

her eyes were diamonds lost in sand,

compelling him to hold her hand,

but never, thought he, she'd understand,

these starcrossed visions of wonderland

and yet, somehow, she reached in deep,

and found the key to castle's keep,

she looked in him yet did not turn,

afraid was he,...

October 6, 2013

are you a lover of the light?

search inside you now,

let yourself be scorched

by that forgotten flame

-it takes nothing but forgetting

to remember from whence you came-

inside us all lies the altar

always waiting to be lit,

fate's fire grows ever higher

the closer we adhere to...

May 26, 2013

a cloud is in me

i breathe in stone

my roots these legs

my arms the current

together we weather

the torrent of soul


water flows beneath the fallen

tree that hugs the countours

of my back, asleep like leaves

who glide through air to join

the ceaseless s...

February 15, 2013

the sun had left to light its home,

i swallowed the air with silence

of all the nights to be alone,

how had life lost all its vibrance?

you spoke to me, dear stone,

you did, i know you did,

you did.

you hushed my weeping,

caught in sleeping,

gentle whispers warmed my breath


January 16, 2013

are you with me

‘neath the infinite blackness,

and all we do not know,

the air is crispy, cold

no snow

your skin is bundled, put away

but I know just how it feels

yet the ice behind your eyes

hides the frozen, what is real

are you with me with the trees

the earth

the tears

with th...

November 7, 2008

her eyes are empty; soul on fire

she stares straight through the soul

her legs are numb; arms restless

vision blurred and mind broken, she

forfeits hope for the flames of fate

she knows not what to do

all paths end in panic, pain and passing

yet her eyes shift subtly skyward 


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