January 20, 2017

im sorry i didnt kiss you

my poison breath

contaminated tongue

slithering through neglected

avenues of your psyche

"so inappropriate!" you said

as you smiled, sending

rainbows through

toxic gas exhalations

from my cigarette coffin

im sorry i didnt kiss you

and tell you sooner

i wa...

April 11, 2014

i wonder if you re-
      member me, if
you felt it too.
   your eyes shot long-
                 ing life un-
comprehended, i could only
            stolen by your...

February 4, 2014

in the void of my silence

my heart has never thumped

so half-rhythmically before

between beats each squeeze

pumps blood no longer there

sweet seductive lips caress

the edge of my boundary but

inside i’m bare, broken and

starving for the dopamine

of your love

you said my name in...

December 31, 2013

For Nelson and Lucia

By Madeline Repollet

If the cold hands of winter

had an ending plan for me,

if the silent Acheron waters

were as close as they can be

and my spirit wandered far,

away for all eternity

I have asked myself this question:

how would you remember me?

Would I be t...

December 7, 2013

her eyes were diamonds lost in sand,

compelling him to hold her hand,

but never, thought he, she'd understand,

these starcrossed visions of wonderland

and yet, somehow, she reached in deep,

and found the key to castle's keep,

she looked in him yet did not turn,

afraid was he,...

October 6, 2013

are you a lover of the light?

search inside you now,

let yourself be scorched

by that forgotten flame

-it takes nothing but forgetting

to remember from whence you came-

inside us all lies the altar

always waiting to be lit,

fate's fire grows ever higher

the closer we adhere to...

June 13, 2013

because when we lay together,

sideways smiling children of salvation,

the sky and earth are flipped askew,

mimicking rhythms of my heart, my only 

constant is your face caught

amidst the world's embrace

and we melt in the moment forever fused

because i thought i knew you


May 25, 2013

tonight we smile together

as one, we smile forever

a single expression

a beautiful impression

into the universe

March 24, 2013

Eyelids heavy with the weight

Of twelve winters

Summer, spring

His eyes were roots of tree

Reaching towards mine

so I kissed his soft fur

For perhaps what might be

The last time.

March 8, 2013

i love you like a moth to the flame,

without purpose, expecting nothing

drawn as if to death, without injury

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i wonder if you remember me

April 11, 2014

i wonder if you re-
      member me, if
you felt it too.
   your eyes shot long-
                 ing life un-...

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