May 26, 2013

a cloud is in me

i breathe in stone

my roots these legs

my arms the current

together we weather

the torrent of soul


water flows beneath the fallen

tree that hugs the countours

of my back, asleep like leaves

who glide through air to join

the ceaseless s...

February 15, 2013

the sun had left to light its home,

i swallowed the air with silence

of all the nights to be alone,

how had life lost all its vibrance?

you spoke to me, dear stone,

you did, i know you did,

you did.

you hushed my weeping,

caught in sleeping,

gentle whispers warmed my breath


January 16, 2013

are you with me

‘neath the infinite blackness,

and all we do not know,

the air is crispy, cold

no snow

your skin is bundled, put away

but I know just how it feels

yet the ice behind your eyes

hides the frozen, what is real

are you with me with the trees

the earth

the tears

with th...

December 10, 2012

winds barely brush though

the wind chime struts its sound,

drops of water in the forest

join the melody in ground.

though            as they struggle to sever

                            all ties to the form,...

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