March 20, 2014

no tanks but popped pills and

angsty stretched youth fill the

streets of our so safe suburbia

what is there left to bear witness

to but the back of eyelids and

a muted television screen as

a meal is microwaved for dinner

how fortunate we are for this

curse of cushioned living...

February 8, 2014

And so when the lights have dimmed

and no one is left to recharge the battery

how shall the tomb of this era be marked?

Not in blood but in Photoshop font

         dug on the altar of the keyboard,

  with carpal tunnel and hunched backs,


July 18, 2013

The train screams to empty

its insides out and I spot

you then, chosen not so

much by me but the sun

spilling shadows squinting

my eyes to illuminate your

figure, the first of the day.

I wrap my fingers round

the ringlets of tough fur

and bend the neck down

over the table to loo...

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i wonder if you remember me

April 11, 2014

i wonder if you re-
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you felt it too.
   your eyes shot long-
                 ing life un-...

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