March 6, 2014

(inspired by Adrienne Rich)



the water was so clear

we could see our toes

dig into the white sand

four feet beneath our noses.

we were alive then

two mermen without fear

there was no burden then

no open sore or sore back

no crumbling perspective

to pin understanding to.

we were swimming in

the blue nothingness now

ignored daily by our eyes

but it is still here with us

if only we shut them close.

we were sweaty, even a

fractured nose and bleeding

bottom foot could not sway

us back to this oblivion.

the pain had not yet

settled as the sands

are yet still settling

down, down back into

the earth where we now

lie in waiting for this.

I came to explore the

wreckage, instead I’ve found

the storm and the drops

of water that formed

the first cloud.  I found

the book of myths empty

having not yet been carved

from the tree.

I know now nothing

but the water, so clear

so everlastingly blue and

sweaty and blood boiling

in the low Puerto Rican sun.

when my soul was pure then

when I wore no burden

but the weight of the earth

and sand and wind and salty

tears I cried into the wreck

to find myself whole again.

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