June 13, 2013

because when we lay together,

sideways smiling children of salvation,

the sky and earth are flipped askew,

mimicking rhythms of my heart, my only 

constant is your face caught

amidst the world's embrace

and we melt in the moment forever fused


because i thought i knew you

understood your gestures and smile

-the way your eyes dip at

those words you let slip

that flow through me like Nile-

and yet every curvature of your lips

and trembling hips

lit quick with the fire of colliding suns

seems new and bears meaning

fresh as morning inhalations 

of our blossoming youth


because i need no reason,

only to be present and witness

the blessing of creation that is you


because with every thump of your heart

against my chest, you break the

barricade of makeshift thorns

and plant new seeds in soil fueled

by the blood of your all embracing sacrifice


because we are fate's adopted pilgrims

bound between comet and earth

eager to bear witness to all its secret musings

-its pain, its ecstasy

its sadist and saint-


they can disapprove and scowl

we'll lock them away in our tomb

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