Compiled of Psalms from the Bible and news from (2/6-2/9/14)

February 10, 2014


In the beginning, God created

the heavens and the earth.

It was put anonymously

on YouTube on Tuesday.

Lo, he sends forth his voice,

his mighty voice chanting,

"Revolution!" and "Thieves!"

“Everywhere is bribery,

everywhere is corruption,"

all peoples see his glory.

You shall have no other gods before me.

Go therefore and make

disciples of all nations,

sweep up rubble and broken

glass from the riots and

clean up the politicians

who made this happen.

With all your soul and with all your might,

do not lean on your own understanding.

The city braced itself for

growing despair over

the desperate state of

the highest heavens,

the ancient heavens,

rubber bullets and tear gas

violently clashed

through the valley of

the shadow of death.

Of whom shall I be afraid?

Fear the Lord, trust in the Lord

until you have finished all the work for

the service of the house of the Lord.

Proclaim his righteousness,

as long as the heavens endure.

Vanished for a week and then

emerged from a forest,

the tape captured a four-minute

right to intervene in the crisis.

My God, my God,

why hast thou forsaken me?

Why art thou so far from

the words of my groaning?

I lied because I could not stand the pain.

We are responsible for everything.

Nothing good will come from anarchy.

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