December 7, 2012


the moon grows twice bright- light

reflecting off the shutters of my soul

-as i ignore it- lonely and longing

for the consummate passions revoked


o where is my heart and who has it?

i’m spread too thin and tearing- let go

hold on- my body tells me to carry on

but not without you


where are you?


i’m left to pick up the pieces- but I

return them- your waves beckon me

back to shore, forevermore


what is true love? do you deceive me

or are you, too, lost in night’s lilac?

where are you, then, I’ll find you

-stumbling, wary- is love this search

or is it found? does it give and give

and know no bound or does it

seep into the ground

and mix with my tears


o for my heart does not ask, it begs

my eyes do not weep, they grow

frozen and solid

-all I see is the past-

-all I hear is your laugh,

long lost, still vibrant

in the mind of the tyrant

of this tower, colossal,

swaying deep side to side

over seas of my tears-

my body will not move without your touch


o is this love or obsession?

is there a difference in heaven?

or is love painless and open,

unpredictable as the ocean,

but you always know its there?

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