How would you remember me?

December 31, 2013

For Nelson and Lucia

By Madeline Repollet



If the cold hands of winter

had an ending plan for me,

if the silent Acheron waters

were as close as they can be

and my spirit wandered far,

away for all eternity

I have asked myself this question:

how would you remember me?


Would I be the happy singing bird

in the early morning hours?

Would my voice be in the wind

or my soul in the rain showers

and my sight be the shining sun

to fill your road with flowers

so that you can be forever happy

with the strength that love empowers


Like a lighthouse in the distance

I will guide your boat to shore

I’ll protect you from the storms

‘till there’s no danger anymore

Someday I won’t be around

but my spirit always will

be a strong anchorage ground

where your vessel can sit still


I will hold your hand when worries

keep you sleepless late at night

I will come back in your memories,

make the stars for you shine bright

And so, my dear ones, no goodbye

will separate my soul from yours

my love for you will stay alive

for it is endless, limitless, pure.

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