i am

April 6, 2015


i am a soul that spreads
along the floor and up the walls
into the crevice between cupboards
i hide and shine brightly waiting
for someone to notice my brilliance
like a shooting star forgotten
i am a rebel and a monk
the preacher and the sinner
living for the moment hoping forever
i'll live in some form or another
dying in the grasp of mortal pleasures
accepting the burning decay
carving my name on the tombstone
with bloody broken fingernails
i yearn for the magic of impossible realms
i breathe its air and exhale new life
lost in a fantasy in the making
cracking the numbers of science
my spirit bleeds upon the pages
covered in foreign handwriting
but i make no judgements
all things have its purpose
all things unique in the same whole
living together for time untold
until the waves crash the shore
and wipe away carpe diem

i am a soul that spreads and lingers
until the world whimpers

all things have its purpose

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